What is AIKI

Ki can be felt, its power can also be increased through movement techniques and breathing exercises, which is the foundation core of its power.


Having Ki without proper breathing makes it difficult for our body to be strong, therefore for Zen in Movement it is important to correctly oxygenate our body and thus improve our inner Ki. Furthermore, achieving a correct body posture is important because we position our body so that our organs are in the natural position and can be oxygenated and adequately perform their funtions. Once we have achieved the correct Zazen or Shizen Tai position and we have control of our breathing, we will experience the comfort of doing it correctly and using our body according to the techniques being practiced in Zen in movement. The breathing cycle is key to begin feeling our inner Ki and strengthen it every day, accomplishing what we seek with our practices. There will come a point in which we have a complete connection with our Ki and we can use it in all our everyday activities with every movement we make, we will use our Ki when we wake up, when we shower, when we have breakfast, when we drive, when we work, when we practice sport. We will have control over the MOMENT and our movements. Ki is always with us; it is the vitality with which we think and perform our activities, that is Ki. With Zen in Movement we will make a strong union of Ki in order to use it to achieve mental clarity; better physical strength and project it towards our later years to reach them both mentally and physically strong.


That is our mission, to be able to convey these healthy teachings to everyone in our school and help them achieve a better quality of life. We will learn to gather and feel our Ki; Granting it more power through Zen in Movement.


KI has seven step

Wata shi

You, me, our presence, the person who possesses the power of life through simply the Air we breathe, which we can transform into vital energy for our body and mind through Zen in movement.


Ki is Energy, when we breathe we convert air into inner power and generate vitality to move and feed the mind.
Ki is what allows the mind to think, to feel the emotions of the moment. It is also the bridge between the mind and the body, it is the connection that allows to give the order and the body to act through the movements.



AIKI is to unite the internal energy, in turn allows us to increase that vital energy that will allow us to enter a higher level. By knowing how to unite the inner energy we can feel and use in our body and mind that power of total vitality.


KI AI is the way in which we express the total union of Inner Energy in a great effort, it is used in martial arts to multiply the power of the blow, also from the moment of making a great effort


KIME integrates the mind and body at the moment of impact to the opponent, it is what is used in martial arts to identify the moment to do it and give 100% of the mental and physical power in the action itself.

KI hon

KIHON is the way to give a technical way through training to our body and unite mental and physical power in the movement, chaining basic techniques and schemes that will allow us to acquire a good level, associating and controlling each exercise with the attitude and aptitude in doing so.


HENG-O is the mental and physical materialization that multiplies the power at the moment of doing it. In doing so Heng-o multiplies the power of all the previous concepts of ki. It is the exact moment to end contact with the opponent; There is no way to reverse our power at that moment, it is a purely mental attitude that allows us to increase the power at the final moment of impact or movement.

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