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live: zen in golf short line system

With zen, we will dominate the moment by doing it right in the live course competition

Courses in Golf focuses on finding the way towards the Mental and Physical control of the moment in the Competition. We will increase the vital energy in our body so that it feeds our minds and go directly to the emotions. We will obtain Control of the Environment and specifically when we must act to do so at 100% of our capacity.

The course has the steps to master our Ki, Unite the inner power with Aiki, apply the Kiai correctly at the moment of hitting the ball, give it the greatest power when doing it Kime, build a good technical base to create the ideal muscle memory to be effective in each Kihon hit and must have the decision to do it and be effective with Zen Action.

Zen in Golf Mental training benefits


Objective of mental training:

  1. Create a habit in Zen Meditation in conjunction with Ki breathing.
  2. Create a training habit
  3. Create a Muscle Memory
  4. Know an understand a concept of good technical form to move
  5. Understand movement backwards and then forwards
  6. Be clear about the supports and support points in the swing
  7. Synchronize the body when moving
  8. Apply and control speed on the Back and Down swing
  9. Synchronize the speeds of the body when making the swing
  10. Unite the mind and the body in movement
  11. Meditate and concentration during each swing
  12. Take the time before doing it
  13. The strategy we will use to do so


Composition of the Training:

  1. Eight weeks of training
  2. Three times a week minimum
  3. Follow the instructions of each training punctually
  4. Do the rounds established in each training
  5. Have the discipline and time for each training
  6. Patience and perseverance during each training
  7. Step by step we will move towards the change of understanding in your swing


Implementation for Training:

  1. Physical space in your home
  2. Comfortable chair or Zafu cushion where you will sit when doing each Zen meditation
  3. Have a math with a hole to putt indoors
  4. Orange or yellow rods that will help your AMI (aim)


Content and training program:

  1. Ki Breathing exercises and techniques
  2. Zen meditation, sitting on a chair and in the Zafu
  3. Indoor Putt Training
  4. Training Putt Outdoor
  5. Training Chipping Indoor at home
  6. Outdoor Chipping Training at the Golf Club


Matt for Putting


Alignment lines

Zafu and Zabuton

Course Content

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