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Zen In Golf is something we can use for all of our mental and physical power in the domain and control of the movement of our swing in golf, mainly in the Putt, where 50% is part of the round. Do this essay at home and on the green of your club, then decide to make a change in your game, starting with you from the mental point of view. So you can acquire control of the moment of doing so in the competition.

Zen Meditation OnLine is an excellent opportunity to do Zen Meditation at home and help you control and improve your sport.

Zen in Movement in high performance sport and improve 100% in your physical and mental skills, the achievements you will get using Zen in your golf and in your professional career.
The objectives and purposes with the inclusion of Zen in me.

I recommend you to see all the videos about the benefits of Zen from the Mind, the Body and the Energy that moves and feeds your mental capacity by ordering the body to do what you have taught it.

Shin Ki Waza (Mind, Energy and Body) is how we can use everything in the movement.
First; An important step is to know and understand the movement. Second; make the movement with the golf club and clearly understand the basic form. Third; see the effect of the previous action and reaction on the target shot; which produces the emotional to create muscle memory.


The Putt

Matt para Putting

The Wedges

Alignment Lines

Zafu y Zabuton

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